Chapter 23: Troublemaker

Tianxuan City was the capital of Tianxuan Kingdom. To be capable of becoming one of the four great families of the city, the prowess of the Wang family was one to behold.

Even the principal of the Hongtian Academy would have to spare some face for such a powerful family. To think that of all teachers, Wang Ying would choose to acknowledge a fellow who had scored zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination. That was an insult!

A massive insult!

Even though other people might not be aware of the affairs shrouding Zhang Xuan, as a student of the academy, Wang Tao had heard a lot about him. He had once misguided a student, causing his cultivation to go berserk, thus sullying the reputation of the teachers!

This person was the topic of discussion and target of mockery over a meal or tea with his peers. Yet, never in his imaginations would he expect his younger sister to choose to acknowledge him as her teacher!

If the other students were to be informed of it, wouldn’t he become a laughingstock?

The more he thought about it, the more angry Wang Tao became. He walked towards the entrance of the classroom and spotted Yao Han, who was wrapped like a mummy.

“I see, it is young master Wang Tao!”

As the butler of Baiyu City Lord Residence, Yao Han had come into contact with many different powers. Given that Wang Tao was a talented genius and the son of the head of the Wang family, it was natural for Yao Han to be aware of his existence.

“You are…” Glancing at him, Wang Tao’s eyebrows shot up.

After getting beaten up so savagely, not a single hint of his original appearance remained. Even Zhao Ya found it hard to recognize him in his current state, needless to say, Wang Tao.

“I am Yao Han from Baiyu City!” Yao Han said.

“Oh, so you are butler Yao. Why are you…” Wang Tao was slightly taken aback.

“I accidentally injured myself in the midst of training…” Yao Han explained awkwardly before changing the topic, “May I ask what young master Wang Tao is here for?”

“My younger sister has acknowledged Zhang Xuan as her teacher. I am here to take her back, as well as to teach the arrogant teacher a lesson!” Wang Tao didn’t even try to conceal his rage.

“Ah? Your younger sister? You mean Wang Ying xiaojie [1]?”

Yao Han was driven out of the classroom right shortly after he entered it. Furthermore, his attention was focused on Zhang Xuan the whole time, thus, he didn’t notice Wang Ying’s presence.

Wang Tao nodded his head.

“I have heard that Wang Ying xiaojie‘s talent is in no way inferior to yours. Why would she choose him?” Yao Han was puzzled.

“My younger sister rarely comes into contact with the outside world and has an innocent personality. That fellow has a glib tongue and I’m not sure what the fellow said, but my younger sister actually believed the nonsense he spouted!” Recalling what Old Liu told him, fury flared from Wang Tao.

“How vile! That fellow is a scourge, the scum among the teachers!” Upon recalling how the young mistress of his family had fallen for his deception as well, he gritted his teeth angrily, “Young master Wang Tao, you have to teach that fellow a lesson!”

“Un!” Wang Tao replied. At the same time, he stared at him doubtfully, “Right, butler Yao, why are you here?”

“Let’s not talk about it. The more I talk about it, the angrier I get. Our young mistress had also fallen for the deceitful words of Zhang Xuan and acknowledged him as her teacher!” Yao Han scoffed.

“You mean Zhao Ya xiaojie?” Wang Tao was taken aback.

“Yes!” Yao Han nodded his head.

“Then… why don’t you barge in and expose that hypocritical fellow? Why are you waiting at the entrance instead?” Wang Tao was bewildered.

“I wanted to expose that fellow, but our young mistress got agitated. I had no choice but to wait outside. Young master Wang Tao, you came at a perfect timing. If you were to go in now, teach that shameless fellow a lesson and expose his ugly intentions, our young mistress would be able to see his true colors!”

Yao Han said.

“Rest assured, I will be exposing his fraud now. I will make sure that shameless fellow reveals his despicable self!”

Wang Tao gritted his teeth and nodded his head. Then, he kicked the door open and walked in with widened strides.


On the other hand, Zhang Xuan had finally gone through the individual situations of his five students with them.

There were quite a few flaws with Zheng Yang’s spear. Zhang Xuan elaborated on them slightly, causing Zheng Yang’s strength to soar once again and the latter rejoiced over his improvement.

On the other hand, Yuan Tao had never cultivated a proper cultivation technique or battle technique. Zhang Xuan took out the academy’s basic Hongtian Nine Dan Formula’s 1-dan formula and modified it slightly before passing it to him.

He didn’t modify much of it, so there was still a large gap between it and the Heaven’s Path Divine Art that he was currently cultivating with. Even so, it was still several times more effective than the original Hongtian Nine Dan Formula. With just one look, Yuan Tao almost leapt up from the joy rushing through him, overjoyed to realize that he had acknowledged an accomplished teacher.

“Alright, I have roughly gone through the problems you all have on you. You all need to persevere in your training…”

Returning back to the classroom, Zhang Xuan gathered all five of his students together and was explaining the situation to them when boom, the door to the classroom was kicked open. Following which, a furious howl echoed in the room, “Zhang Xuan, withdraw my younger sister and Zhao Ya xiaojie from your lessons right now. Otherwise, I will make you will suffer!”

Following which, Wang Tao rushed in and stood furiously before Zhang Xuan. His eyes were dyed crimson red, as though he was ready to murder someone.

“Big brother…”

Seeing her elder brother in such a state, Wang Ying was shocked and immediately rushed forward.

“Don’t interfere in this!” He pushed his younger sister to his back before staring coldly at Zhang Xuan. With a haughty expression, he said, “Zhang Xuan, it is one thing if you use your nonsense to deceive others, but to think that you would dare to coax my younger sister with lies. You are seeking death! I will give you ten seconds. If you withdraw my younger sister and Zhao Ya xiaojie from your tutelage now, I can let this slip. If not, even if you are a teacher, don’t blame me for not going easy on you!”


With a scornful look, Wang Tao released his full strength, revealing a very powerful aura.

He had reached the level of a Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm!

No wonder he could become a disciple of an elder. This strength was in no way weaker than an average teacher of the academy.

“I am conducting lessons right now, get out!” Zhang Xuan looked at him blandly.

“Conducting lessons? With your standard, what could you possibly be teaching!” Wang Tao mocked him coldly. “Get out? You want me to get out? Who do you think you are? The only reason why I call you a teacher is out of basic respect. Look at how you are, are you not aware of it? You are only a lowly teacher who is still in zhenqi realm, don’t act like you are a big shot before me. Even if I were to beat you up today, the most that would happen is a reprimand by the elders. What can you possibly do to me?”

He wasn’t wrong. There were quite a few disciples of the elders in the academy who were stronger than the teachers and held esteemed positions in the academy. Even if a conflict were to break out between them and the teachers, the most they would do was to reprimand them slightly, there wouldn’t be any severe punishments.

“Big brother…” Wang Ying’s face paled.

She was very aware of the fact whether the teacher before her had standards or not. When all of the expert physicians in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom could do nothing about her problem, he was able to solve it casually. How could such a person possibly have no standards at all?

Just as he was about to stop that rash elder brother of hers, the face of her teacher darkened and his eyes narrowed.


“To ask me to scram…” He didn’t expect that the trash of a teacher would get him to scram. Just as he was about to continue speaking, he caught a glimpse of the cold gaze of the other party.

Looking into his eyes, Wang Tao shivered uncontrollably, as though he was a rabbit who had caught the gaze of a tiger. Under the oppression of a powerful aura, he retreated a few steps subconsciously and his legs trembled.

He had only felt such sharp aura from his master. How could it possibly appear on the academy’s worst teacher, a fellow who was just Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm?

It took a moment before Wang Tao regained his composure. In that instant, Wang Tao’s face darkened like an ant’s nest as his eyes took on a deep shade of red.

In his eyes, even though Zhang Xuan was a teacher, he was not any more than a trash. Yet, this trash dared to shout at him and cause him to retreat out of fear. If this were to spread out… How could he possibly face any other people? How would he be able to maintain his prestige?

“You are courting death!”

Feeling humiliated, Wang Tao roared and with a flick of his hand, the sword on his waist had been drawn.


The sword stabbed out in a flash.

Pah pah pah!

At Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm, one would possess strength beyond 500kg. Even before the sword reached him, the continuous sound generated from the friction between the sword and the wind created an oppressing atmosphere, as though it would be impossible to counter the attack.

“Zhang laoshi…”

Seeing her elder brother striking out with such speed, Wang Ying’s face turns ghastly white.

Although she was impressed by the guidance of Zhang laoshi, she was well aware of the fact that the teacher before her was only at Fighter 3-dan. He was far from a match for her brother!

It was impossible for him to dodge the blow, he would definitely be injured!

Frightened, she shrieked in fear and closed her eyes subconsciously.

“How… How could this be possible?”

Just when she thought that the Zhang laoshi who just resolved her problem for her would be wounded by the sword, she heard voices of disbelief from Zhao Ya and the others. She quickly opened her eyes to take a look and her eyeballs almost popped out from their sockets. She petrified on the spot.

She saw her elder brother’s incomparably powerful and mighty slash getting stopped in midair and what was stopping it was the two seemingly weak fingers of Zhang Xuan laoshi.

To block such a powerful blow with just… the pinching of two fingers!

[1] Xiaojie -> Miss


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