Chapter 3: Imperfections in Heaven's Path

"A battle between teachers on offering pointers to a student?"

Zhang Xuan’s face immediately darkened.

Even though he had inherited the memories of the previous host, he had yet to fully organized his memories. In his present state, he could only barely make sense of the various cultivation realms. If it was offering pointers on one's cultivation, then even the previous host could only smoke through the matter, needless to say, the current Zhang Xuan!

Offering pointers… It was impossible for him to match up to this Cao laoshi!

If they were to really compete, he would surely lose!

"Why? Are you afraid to accept the challenge? It's clearly written in the rules that teachers can compete with one another to allow a student to make a better choice, and this isn’t considered as poaching!" Cao Xiong chuckled. He flung his sleeves as he spoke with composure.

"What are we going to offer pointers on?"

Zhang Xuan knew that if he turned down the challenge, the only student he had recruited was going to get away. Pressured, Zhang Xuan gritted his teeth.

There were many aspects a teacher could offer pointers to their students on; their cultivation, battle techniques, flaws in their movements… On this aspect, most teachers had their own field of specialization.

"How about this? Since they're all new students who just arrived today, why don't we have them execute a punching routine and offer them pointers on the flaws in their execution? After which, we'll have them try out their punching routine once more on the spot, and whoever's student improves to a greater extent wins. What do you think of it?"

Cao Xiong wouldn't be confident to go up against any other teachers, but facing the one whose performance was at the bare bottom, a person who scored zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination, he was still more than confident.

Zhang Xuan hesitated.

"It can’t be that you dare not accept my challenge? You were still bragging so proudly awhile ago that you refused many students. If you possess true abilities, prove it. Don’t hinder the future of this young lady with your inept!" Cao Xiong taunted.

"That… Alright then!"

Zhang Xuan eventually nodded.

The worst thing that could happen to one was death anyway! At most, it would just end in his loss. If he didn’t accept the duel now, the student he just brought in would definitely withdraw from his tutelage! If so, he would be truly forced up a corner.

If he found himself at a loss later on, he would just have to make up something random on the spot. In any case, he was thick-skinned, so a little embarrassment meant nothing at all...

"Cao laoshi and Zhang laoshi are competing with one another!"

"You mean that Zhang laoshi who scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination?"

"That's right!"

"Despite being the worst teacher in the academy, he still dares to compete against other teachers? Are you for real? Isn’t he asking to be embarrassed?"


Hearing of the challenge, a large group of students who were in the midst of their meal came crowding over.

Today was the registration day for the freshmen. Most of the freshmen had heard of the teacher who scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination even though they had yet to meet him in person. Most of them were actually quite curious to see how the matter would turn out.

"Going by the standard rules, you'll offer pointers to my student while I offer pointers to yours!"

Seeing a huge crowd gathering around, Cao Xiong felt even more motivated to perform. He opened his hands widely with a confident smile.

To ensure fairness, such competition disallowed teachers from offering pointers to their own students to avoid the suspicion of cheating. Usually, they would exchange students for the battle.

"Young lady, come here and display your punching routine. Strike on the stone pillar with your full strength!"

After confirming the content of the competition, Cao Xiong beckoned the dazed young lady over.


Blushed furiously, Wang Ying peeked at Zhang Xuan nervously. Only after confirming that he wasn’t angry did she dare to proceed forward. Then, placing her hands by her side, a deep and powerful aura shrouded her body.


The immense force of her punch caused the wind to whistle.

It would be hard to imagine that this dazed young lady could wield such immense strength behind her punches if one didn't witness it personally.

Her stance was stable and forceful. With a single glance, one could tell that she had diligently built up a solid foundation.

Before long, she completed her punching routine.

After seeing the punching routine, Zhang Xuan fell into despair.

Even with the memories from the previous host, he wasn't able to discern any flaws at all.

No wonder the previous host scored a zero in his Teacher Qualification Examination, his eye for discernment was way too weak!

"Good! Now, strike the rock pillar with your full strength!"

Seeing that she was indeed a good bud, Cao Xiong nodded in satisfaction.

A rock pillar stood not too far away from them. This rock pillar possessed the ability to gauge the strength of the blows landing on it. Such rock pillars were stationed all around the school so that students could utilize it whenever they needed to gain a deeper understanding of their own strength.

Wang Ying walked shyly over.

Gathering the might she had accrued from the punching routine earlier, she sent a forceful punch right onto the rock pillar!


The rock pillar staggered, and some digits floated into appearance.


"53kg, the strength of your punch is not bad!" Cao Xiong nodded in approval.

Given that Wang Ying was a freshman who had yet to be guided by any teacher, and that she was a female, it was indeed impressive for her to carry such weight behind her punch.

"Your punching routine is vigorous and forceful. However, one flaw that I noticed with your punches is that your punching route is a little too short. If you can increase the speed of the rotation of your lower limb, the might of your punches will increase significantly! If I’m not mistaken, your legs have probably incurred injuries of some sort!"

Cao Xiong said.

As expected of a teacher! His eye of discernment was indeed superior to Zhang Xuan. In that short moment, he was able to tell that the crux to Wang Ying’s punching routine was her lower limbs, and from there, he deduced that she might have been injured.

"Yes!" Wang Ying nodded in agitation.

"Due to your injury, you're hesitant to exert pressure on your lower limbs. Since that's the case, allow me to impart you a formula. Don’t worry, it won't worsen your leg injuries!"

After which, Cao Xiong explained a method of diverting one's strength thoroughly.

"Let me give it a try!"

To be able to achieve such strength despite her injuries, Wang Ying's superior ability of comprehension played a huge part. It didn’t take too long for her to understand the concepts behind the formula Cao Xiong taught. Then, she stepped up to the rock pillar once more and clenched her fist. A surge of strength gushed through her entire body, as though a mighty dragon had possessed her.



Through a momentary tutoring, the weight behind Wang Ying's punch increased by 10kg!

"Given that her strength had increased by 10kg, that's an improvement of 20%! I'm done with my guidance. It’s your turn!"

Cao Xiong smiled faintly after seeing the results, and slight glee could be seen on his expression.

Raising a student's strength by 20% in a single session of guidance was a rather impressive feat.

"Zhang laoshi!"

A student stepped forward from Cao Xiong’s back and readied himself to execute his punching routine.

"Hold it right there!"

Zhang Xuan raised his hand.

"Why? Do you intend to go against your words?" Cao Xiong snickered.

"Go against my words? What a joke. Do you think I'll renege on my promise?" Zhang Xuan spoke forcefully, but on the inside, he was panicking.

As a transcender who had just arrived in this world, how could he possibly anything about offering pointers to a student? If they want to learn how to download films from the internet for free, he was an expert, but given how he didn't the least about martial arts at all, how could he possibly offer pointers on that?

"I only think that…" With the crowd staring intently at him, Zhang Xuan swallowed his pride and fumbled around for an excuse to free himself from this situation. "Given that he's your student, there's a possibility that he might hold back after my guidance. If that's the case, won't I lose indignantly?"

"I'll definitely use my full strength! At the very least, I still have that little bit of credibility!" The doubted student gritted his teeth in displeasure, offended by Zhang Xuan's words.

"Fine, I'll believe in the credibility of this student. However, our duel isn’t fair!" Since that the student had already spouted such words, Zhang Xuan knew that he would only be mocked if he continued pursuing the matter. Thus, he turned to another matter in hopes of finding a breakthrough.

"Unfair? What is unfair?" Cao Xiong said.

"Wang Ying is my student, and even if I were to win, I earn nothing at all. On the other hand, if I were to lose, she would become your student. How can this competition be considered to be fair then? Since we are wagering, the bets on both sides should be equal. In this gamble, only I stand to lose… Do you think that this is fair?" Zhang Xuan said.

"Ah…" Cao Xiong was tongue-tied

Phrasing it in this way, this was indeed an unfair challenge.

This bet was no different from a fraud. The other party had his own student on the line, and on the other hand, Cao Xiong wasn’t susceptible to any losses at all.

"Alright then. If I were to lose, Liu Yang over here will become your student!"

After a moment of contemplation, Cao Xiong declared as he gestured at the student in front of him.

Liu Yang was the freshman who had stepped forward previously.

"Teacher…" He didn’t expect that Cao laoshi to make such a decision. Liu Yang was flabbergasted, and a look of anxiety appeared on his face.

He would rather die than to acknowledge a teacher who scored zero in the Teacher Qualification Examinations…

"Don’t worry, I won’t lose!" Cao Xiong looked at him confidently.


Reassured by Cao laoshi's words, Liu Yang walked over and 'huhuhuhu', regardless of whether Zhang Xuan was looking or not, he started executing his punching routine.


He intended to spout a few more words to convince this youth to give up. But to his dismay, the other party immediately executed his punching routine, not giving Zhang Xuan any chance to speak at all. Zhang Xuan fell into despair.

Honestly speaking, he couldn't even recognize the punching routine the student was displaying, so how could he find a flaw in it? If so, it was impossible for him to offer any pointer at all.

"Flaw, what flaw is there in this punching routine…"

Beads of perspiration flowed down his forehead, and anxiety grasped his mind.

If he were to fail, being embarrassed was the least of his concerns. More importantly, the student that he took so much trouble to hoodwink would be gone, and he would be expelled from the academy!


Just as he was overwhelmed with anxiety, the Library of Heaven’s Path in his mind jolted, and the deep rumbling of a thunder echoed in his ears.

Within the library in his mind, four words appeared on top of the bookshelves.

Heaven’s Path is imperfect!

These four words weighed down on Zhang Xuan's heart as though mountain, and he could sense boundless authority and might from it.

As soon as the four words came into existence, a book suddenly appeared on a bookshelf, and it fell right before Zhang Xuan.

"What's this?"

Zhang Xuan’s heart stopped for a moment. He instinctively lowered his head to glance at the book in his hands.

There were two words on the cover of the book——Liu Yang!

Casually flipping over to the first page, a huge bunch of words appeared in his sight.

"Liu Yang; originates from the Liu Family from Xiayun City. A student of Hongtian Academy, Fighter 1-dan Juxi Realm!"

"Cultivation Technique: Lotus Acupoint Breakthrough Might!"

"Battle Techniques: Soaring Flower Fists (Minor Accomplishment), Dragon Inch Fist (Major Accomplishment)!"

Flaws: 12 aspects. No.1, he uses too much strength for his feints… No.2… No.3… No.4…No.12, although his left arm is much stronger, his punching routine is more suited for the right-handed. Thus, he is unable to exert his full strength…"

"This… This…"

Browsing through the contents of the book, Zhang Xuan felt as though he was going insane.

Was this for real?

Just as he was in dire need to find Liu Yang’s flaws, the Library of Heaven’s Path compiled a book of the other party's weaknesses.

If what was written on it was real, then the gift package he received as a transcender was truly impressive!

Everyone in the world had their own flaws, and the same applied to battle techniques and cultivation techniques as well. Perfection was a concept that didn’t exist in this world. To be able to perceive the flaws of a person and compile it into a book, this the capability of this library was about to break through the heavens!


Just as Zhang Xuan was immersed in the changes within the library in his mind, Liu Yang had already completed his punch routine. With a resounding tremor, several digits floated into appearance on the rock pillar.


The weight behind Liu Yang's punch was 62kg!

"Zhang laoshi, Liu Yang has finished his demonstration. Why don't you offer him some pointers?"

Cao Xiong smiled.

Hearing those words, the crowd who was watching the commotion immediately turned their gazes to Zhang Xuan. They wanted to see how the only teacher to ever score a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination would fare.


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